Utilitarian digital checkbook

Balance your checkbook with this freeware tool, but don't expect any frills.

Personal Checkbook Advantage offers to help users keep a digital checkbook and a permanent record of their transactions, but it's lacking some useful features and leaves much to be desired in the design department.

This freeware program has a basic interface that is so bare-bones it is a little difficult to navigate at first. With a short list of blue command buttons down the left side of the simple screen, users must choose between Register, Report, Setup, and Utilities. None of which sound much like checking options. Clicking on each showcases submenus of commands, most just as confusing. Once the commands are mastered, users can enter their checking balances for multiple accounts, mark down transactions, and run reports and graphs to monitor their spending habits.

Personal Checkbook Advantage does a fine job of storing all your checking data, but it is not without flaws. Aside from the confusing navigation, the program does not have an option to sync directly with your bank account, so you're still going to have to do some manual data entry. Overall, this freeware should only appeal to those who hate keeping a checkbook, but don't have online banking.

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