Housekeeping scheduler

Keep the family on track with housekeeping chores.

Lets Clean Up Plus offers an easy to use solution to keep family members on task with household chores. While it may be too detailed for users just wanting a simple to-do list, it's perfect for parents who know it pays to be very specific about what you mean when you say clean the kitchen (or any other room).

This program's clean simple interface is easy to follow, but a simple wizard is available to help you set up your household cleaning needs. As the screen highlights a room, it presents a series of drop-down menus to specify what needs to be done to clean it. If you don't find the right tasks, you can easily add your own. Once the house has been put under the microscope, the program wizard lets you add each family member's name. From there, each task is assigned to a member of the family and how frequently the chore should be done.

Once the chore list is complete, users can go to a calendar and click on any day they please. A printer-ready list of the day's tasks pops up and is ready for posting on the refrigerator or family bulletin board. Users can easily go back into the chores and adjust the times and doers. It may not make the children get to the chores with any more enthusiasm, but Lets Clean Up Plus can help parents and kids stay on top of household cleaning tasks.

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