Solid organizational tool

Keep an eye on dates and people with this reasonably-priced organizational tool.

This reasonably-priced program includes all the tools you need to stay organized. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, and entering data could take time, but the effort pays off with this effective calendar and contact management system.

This program embeds itself into your system tray. A click on the icon brings up a pop-up menu. From this long list, users can choose to view their address book, calendar, or appointments. Other menu items let you choose hot keys, change the desktop background, and set a shutdown timer.

Each of these options open a separate window, and while there are multiple settings for some, the overall simple layout and design of the windows make each task relatively easy. The calendar is pretty basic, and presents a view of the selected month. It's easy to add entries by clicking on the desired date, and reminders for any event are quickly added. Entering contacts in the address book is just as easy, and there isn't a tidbit of personal information that the numerous fields won't capture. This includes an image of the contact.

There are some extras thrown in to make the program more useful, including a shutdown timer if you want your computer to turn off or restart automatically at a certain time. You can also set hot keys for common tasks or display the program's wallpaper that shows a small desktop calendar. These worked fine as well.

Time management programs can be costly. Integrated Appointment Scheduler offers all the tools of the trade at a fairly low price and we liked its solid performance. It may take some time on the front end to get the program set up just to your liking, but we recommend this program for any user who needs to stay organized on a budget.

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