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Replace physical yellow sticky notes with this program.

Little sticky notes are a way of life in many offices, however, those handy reminders quickly become a clutter. Clean up your physical desktop by organizing your notes on your digital desktop. Crawler Notes offers users a chance to replicate those note with some added twists.

This free program appears immediately as a simple yellow scrap of paper and is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill in the blank space with your message, reminder, or note and it is saved to the desktop. Clicking on the thumbtack icon will send your message to the background, while clicking on the wrench icon brings up options such as transparency, note color, and font. Clicking on the tray icon brings up a menu that allows users to create new notes, which stagger over the previously written one, so they are all visible.

While we wish this program had an alarm system and was able to remind users of tasks, what Crawler Notes lacks in extras it makes up for in simplicity. This incredibly direct method for creating reminder notes is a great way to stay on top of the tasks and surprises that strike everyone on a daily basis. We recommend this program for all users.

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