Reliable alarm clock

Tell time and keep track of various appointments with this limited clock.

Your computer will tell you the time, no problem. However, there are few things as boring and basic as the standard clock. AIV Reminder offers users a chance to spice up their clock situation and keep on top of important appointments.

This free program presents itself as a simple analog clock. In addition, a small, blue genie gives you advice on how to make configurations. If you're not fond of genies, there are three other characters to choose from. Double-clicking the clock face takes you to a menu screen where the ins and outs of the program are laid out. Here, users can select between analog, digital, and even a clock face with birds. The program also offers a stopwatch, and a calendar; however, it's simply a calendar and not an organizational tool. The alarm feature offers a tedious menu where the month, date, hour, and minute must be scrolled through to set. Reminder messages can be manually written, and users can choose an MP3, WAV file, or even their own voice as an alert sound. A maximum of eight alarms can be set at once, which may not be enough for those with busy schedules.

The genie and other characters will keep you covered should you need help. Overall, AIV Reminder is a reliable clock that will keep you on time. Users could do much worse than this timepiece.

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