Excellent woman's calendar

Track your cycles, fertility, and more with this excellent application.

There are a lot of different ways to track fertility, menstruation, and the like, but with Advanced Woman Calendar, users may have found the simplest method. Users may never have to wonder about important times in their cycle again.

The program has a simple interface that always helps you stay informed. Initially, its four-month view looks like any organizational software. To the right are the color keys and various radio buttons with options for planning conception, avoiding pregnancy, or even information for conceiving a boy or girl. Below this is a read-out of how long you have until your period and how fertile you are that day. Only after users input their last period does the calendar come alive, with blues, yellows, pinks, whites, and purples. Each color signifies something different with your cycle and can be easily interpreted. To get an even clearer picture, another menu is included that allows users to track days they had sex, their mood, temperature, and whether or not they took their pill.

This 30-day trial is an excellent option for those who are interested in tracking their body's cycle and all the important developments that go along with it. We highly recommend this program.

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