Not enough versatility

Add daily tasks to this calendar program, but don't expect tons of extras.

Keeping track of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks is almost a full-time job. With so much going on, people often need a little help. Active To-Do List offers such help, but those well acquainted with similar programs might want more help than this one offers.

The program's basic interface is plain, but so simple that most users should not find it confusing. The display is a plain, white box that contains simple icons for allowing people to create new tasks, and edit, delete, and move their priority tasks. Creating a new task is simple. Once the icon is clicked, users can give it a title and fill in details in the body of the list. From there you can set its due date, an alarm, give it a category, and organize how frequently it repeats.

Tasks are listed in order of due date if no priority is set; however, the prioritized tasks get moved to the top instantly. Active To-Do List is a fine program that functions as it promises, but its plain interface and lackluster performance failed to wow us. In our tests we have encountered several similar products that offer more versatility, visual impact, and intuitive use. However, if you have used other programs and haven't found a suitable task organizer, give this 60-use trial a shot.

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