Creates new icons

Replace your tired old icons with custom designs, but at a price.

Anyone bored with the standard icons that come with Windows or any other program have an opportunity to make a change. Sib Icon Editor allows users to choose any icon and alter it, or even create their own icon. We did find some discrepancies in the price, however.

This program has a very simple interface that even novices should be able to easily follow. First, a screen appears asking whether you would like to create an icon from scratch, alter a specific icon, or search for all existing icons on your computer. The All Existing Icons feature takes some time to configure, but is impressive in its scope. If you choose to alter an icon it will show up on a screen that reminded us of very early drawing and paintbrush programs. The icon is broken into large pixels. If you choose to create a new icon, you will see the same screen, but with all the pixels blank. The program has a color palette along the right side and drawing commands along the left (such as Text, Paintbrush, Shape Creator, and more).

The publisher claims that this is a free program, but it requires registration after 30 days. While this program was a little old-fashioned looking and the heavily pixelated display took some getting used to, it functioned as promised. There appears to be no limit to what kind of alterations users can make to their icons while using this program. We recommend it for all users.

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