Capture flash files

Don't expect to actually play this download manager's files without installing additional programs.

Capturing Flash files is extremely easy, thanks to this handy download manager. Unfortunately, in order to play any of the files, you'll have to install additional programs.

FlashCatch installs a drop-down menu icon on your Internet Explorer toolbar. Simply pay a visit to your favorite video-sharing site, navigate to a video page, and the program grabs the file for download. Once we selected the video file from the drop-down menu, it was instantly saved to our location of choice. However, in order to play the program, you have to install either the publisher's video converter to convert the file to a MPEG or AVI file, or install the player. Luckily, both of these other programs are free. Options for the program include setting specific file sizes for the program to ignore, displaying recent files, and animating the icon when a Flash file is recognized. Help for the program is available as an FAQ on the publisher's Web site.

If you're not too keen on downloading an extra program, then you might want to look for a download manager that allows you to play the video files using its own built-in capabilities or your own default player. But if you don't mind the extra installations, this easy-to-use download manager is suitable for all user levels.

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