Not worth the price

Skip this poorly designed file management program.

This program offers people the ability to rename large batches of files in one fell swoop. After we put it to the test, we were left disappointed by its poorly designed user interface and trial limitations.

Batch FileName Editor claims to have an easy-to-use interface, but we found it to be just the opposite. The bright command buttons are vague and don't offer users much direction. We selected a folder that contained the files that we wanted to rename. The Insert command introduced a new window that was just as vague and confusing. We finally found our bearings, but when we tried to apply our changes, the program reminded us of its 10-file limit. We had to go back and manually drag and drop 10 files to the user interface. After that, the program instantly renamed our files. Using the Undo option, we were able to reverse any changes we had made. Continuing the program's unfriendly design, you had to exit the program and reopen it to start a new renaming session, which was really annoying.

A built-in help feature is included with the program, but like the rest of the user interface, it lacked important details to help users navigate the program. On top of the 10-file limit, the program comes with a 20-day trial period. If the program was free, we might suggest you give it a try, but it's certainly not worth the hefty price tag. There are plenty of free, well-designed file management tools worth checking out.

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