Insufficient PDF converter

Leaves a lot to be desired thanks to problematic errors.

PDF conversion is an essential part of business. A program that quickly and easily does the job is always in demand. Unfortunately, Nitro PDF Professional doesn't live up to these high expectations.

Nitro begins very promisingly. It has a start-up wizard that offers to answer any questions and walk users through the process of converting files to PDF, or vice versa. The program's interface is also fairly simple. It looks a great deal like Adobe's PDF viewer, with similar buttons along the top for key commands and formatting options. The most prominent commands are those that convert existing documents to PDFs. We were happy to see several conversion options neatly laid out, including one that offers to convert a group of different documents to PDF all at once. Three smaller buttons offer to convert PDF to Word format, PDF to rich text, and PDF to text file.

We had great success converting an existing PDF to a Word doc. A simple file tree located the PDF and a simple series of steps converted it quickly. Our results were far more disappointing when trying to convert the other way around, though. Upon trying to convert a Word doc and a Text file to PDF, the program gave us an error message about the printer not functioning, which resulted in the cancellation of the operation. Subsequent tests returned the same results. There's a short, 14-day trial for Nitro PDF Professional. Users looking for an effective tool to handle multiple conversions to and from PDF format should keep looking. Nitro only works one way, and that isn't enough.

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