Failed to produce results

Avoid this lackluster search program.

This free program lets you performs searches by category and location. We would have liked to have seen more flexibility with the search categories, but of greater concern were that lack of any results in our test searches.

Kijiji Reader has a simple and pleasant user interface that is easy to navigate. A field for entering your keywords resides at the top, and tree-menus for selecting your search categories and locations reside on the left of the window. While the program offers a decent selection of search categories, you're limited to only those categories. Search locations are limited to only the U.S. The Options menu lets you choose the number of concurrent connections, as well as run, and save options. On our first go-around, we entered our keyword and selected all of the categories. After waiting a long time, the program pulled up nothing. We entered a different keyword and only select two categories for the search, but again, nothing.

The program's Help feature takes you to the publisher's Web site, but we were unable to find any help resources. An upgrade for the program is available, though, and we can only hope that they improved this program's search functionality because as is, it fails as a search tool.

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