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Organize your plants with this impressive program.

With so many different species of plants, flowers, and vegetables, it can be difficult arranging your garden each year. Gardens and Plants offers an unparalleled database for keeping your garden organized in the soil and on the computer. This comprehensive program isn't for the casual, weekend gardener who likes to plant a few tomatoes each year. Instead, it's geared toward the professional gardener who needs to do more than look up plants.

This program has a fairly simple layout that helps users explore the complex plant world. With a generous screen and a row of icons down the left hand side, users should have no trouble navigating the program. The icons represent Plants, Searches, Companies, and a Calendar. The Plants section has thousands of entries organized alphabetically. Double-clicking on any plant brings up a wealth of information, including its Latin name, the best times to plant, and what soil is best. The Search function helps users wade through the numerous entries to find the information you need, although you will have to know the common or scientific name of the plant. This download really helps business owners stay organized, too. For anyone involved in the sale of plants, Gardens and Plants has a contact management option for storing company information, and a calendar for tracking events and meetings.

Gardens and Plants has an overwhelming amount of information, and while it may be difficult to track down a plant you don't have a name for, it is a highly informative download. We recommend it for anyone in the plant and garden industry.

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