YouTube video converter

Fails to convert YouTube videos to other formats without Pro version.

Millions of people download videos from YouTube everyday. Free YouTube Downloader offers those people an opportunity to take that entertainment with them wherever they go. However, we found it doesn't live up to expectations.

This freeware program has a simple interface that shouldn't take long to understand. The program clearly has spaces for URLs, conversion, file types, and progress labeled. However, if this layout still confuses, there is a link to a YouTube video that outlines the process for users.

By simply copying a YouTube URL and pasting it, users can download it to the program and even rename it. From there users are asked to choose between converting the video to a .wmv file, an MP4 for iPhone and iPod, or MP3 for music players. Below these simple-to-understand commands is an empty box waiting to detail which file is being converted, its progress and a prompt to view the file.

This box stayed basically empty while we tested this program, however. We accomplished the first two steps effortlessly, but when the video we chose was supposed to convert a .wmv, and later to an MP3, it sat in the queue. While the program does not specifically say so, we suspect users must purchase the Pro version of this download in order to experience the full benefits. It's difficult for us to recommend this download since we never saw it working, but if you plan on purchasing the Pro version we only hope it works as smoothly and intuitively as the steps we were able to perform.

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