One heart, one function

Open a single file, program, or Web site with this elaborate heart engulfed in flame icon that you can add to your desktop.

Fire Heart Desktop Gadget claims to be an exciting icon that not only looks realistic, but also helps perform a function. However, users may be under-whelmed by this product and its limited capabilities.

This freeware leaps to life on your screen as a heart that simultaneously beats and looks like it is on fire. However, this novelty wears off fast, especially if you are using a slower computer, which may not let users see it beat in real time.

Right-clicking the heart lets users see their options with the heart. Here you can adjust the size, show its reflection, and make it stay on top of all your work. This also may feel unnecessary. However, there is one option that gives Fire Heart a little bit of a purpose on your desktop. You can set this flaming blood-pumper to open exactly one program, file, or Web page. Once set, double-clicking Fire Heart opens this item for you.

Fire Heart doesn't promise its users the world and what it does promise, it delivers. That just may not be enough for users looking for functionality over form. Still, this simple program is free and users with lots of space to spare might appreciate the effort that went into designing this desktop gadget.

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