Alters multiple photos

Make changes to large batches of digital photos at once with this simple program.

Photo Manipulation software can be a lot of fun for digital picture fans. However, some of the programs can be overwhelming and confusing. BatchPhoto offers a unique twist that should help users change their snapshots in a hurry.

BatchPhoto presents itself as an easy-to-use, three-step wizard. The primary screen, and the first step, is dedicated to finding pictures you wish to alter. File paths are listed individually on a long central screen for all chosen pictures. The second step offers a simple way to apply changes to all the pictures selected. Here the first picture selected is shown in the right corner, but can be substituted easily for the others. The big draw here is the Filters list. Dozens of ways to alter pictures are at your command, featuring ways to annotate, touch-up, transform, and apply effects to all the shots. Users are shown what their adjustments will look like and are given a chance to tinker with them on a separate screen. The third step is a simple one, featuring an option to save the files as JPGs or a half-dozen other formats. Once the photos are processed they save separately from the originals so you do not lose the photo it was based on.

This 30-day trial worked very well with a minimum amount of trouble. Overall, if you have a need to alter dozens of photos at once, this is a great download.

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