Poor photomosaic maker

Creates frustration with confusing mosaic-making software.

Creating a photomosaic is a great way to combine a lot of pictures into one collage. AndreaMosaic promises users a program that promises to make mosaics simpler and easier to create. However, attempting to use this program proves otherwise.

This freeware program has an interface that immediately looks like making a mosaic will be easy. A simple menu at the top lets users select pictures, which appear in the right two-thirds of the screen. A column along the left hand side showcases the size of the picture, number of tiles, tile duplication, and a few other variables. At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons that let users create mosaics, select tiles, or look at other options.

This is where AndreaMosaic stops feeling easy, though. Trying to create a mosaic takes you to a screen that asks you to select tiles. Here you can open folders, save folders, and open archives. This felt redundant because we just opened a series of pictures on the opening screen. However, none of the images from the first screen turned up in the list of pictures that can be used as tiles. It turns out that the program only supports AndreaMosaic's file style, .amc. No amount of searching and experimenting told us how to convert pictures into this format, so we were never able to get past the first step.

This download does have an impressive help option that gives definitions upon rolling the mouse over anything. However, it didn't give us the answers were looking for, and without having the capability to change the image format into the program's proprietary format, there's little point in downloading this tool.

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