The stickmen are coming!

StickWars is a fun and unusual arcade strategy game that challenges you to defend a castle from an onslaught of barbarians.

StickWars is a fun and unusual arcade-strategy game that shows promise for future versions. The game's interface--in which you defend a castle from an endless horde of stick-figure "barbarians"--is inherently entertaining, as you tap and swipe (i.e., fling) incoming invaders, hurling them off the castle walls at high speeds, to meet their bloody demises (which can be quite bloody, depending on how you set the variable cartoon blood settings) on the ground below.

The game's strategy revolves around earning money, based on how many kills you rack up, and also on capturing barbarians. Train captured barbarians as archers, repair workers, wizards (who hurl explosive comets with a double tap), or bomb carriers, all of which helps you against the horde but each has cumulative upkeep costs (or in the case of the kamikaze bomb carriers, they simply cost you a prisoner for each bomb). The gameplay, however, can be too repetitive--and too easy, aside from the strain on your flicking finger--through many of the levels, and the strategy doesn't require much nuance.

StickWars' core gameplay and presentation are definitely fun, and early updates have already made significant improvements. Overall, StickWars is a good game for the price, but we're hoping future updates make the game even better.

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