Lacks direction

Skip this faulty program for one that actually grants admin access.

Raise My Rights is a free program that is supposed to give users administrator access to most applications. But thanks to an overall lack of direction, the only thing that this program raised was our level of frustration with its poor performance.

The program has an extremely vague user interface. It requires that you enter the account details for creating a shortcut. We entered our username and domain info, but once we got to the password part, we weren't sure what to enter. The program's Help feature merely gives you copyright information, so it was trial and error for the rest of our tests. We browsed for the application to which we wanted to gain administrator access, but once we clicked the OK button, it was error message after error message from that point on.

If you're looking to gain administrator access, we recommend that you save yourself the time and frustration of dealing with this dud of a program.

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