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Quickly and easily read RSS feeds, weather, sports scores, flight information, and more.

Viigo has certainly matured since its early days. While it now grabs weather, financial news, flight status, and sports scores in addition to your news and blog feeds, it's still, at its core, the fastest, most complete RSS reader for BlackBerry. To users' eternal benefit, Viigo makes finding, subscribing to, and adding your own newsfeeds extremely simple with a long list of presets, browsable categories, and a way to add favorite RSS URLs, even from aggregators.

The extra channels to track the weather, flights, and stocks are bonuses, and a testament to the extensibility of Viigo's original engine. Although not every channel works flawlessly (the audio podcast channel hasn't yet been released, for instance, and the politics channel is currently limited to the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Germany) the strength of Viigo's RSS reader absolves for the peccadilloes of a work in progress.

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