Easy cropping tool

Alter digital photos with this impressively simple cropping program.

While there are more expensive programs that let you do more with your digital images, Photo Crop Editor lowers the cost and focuses exclusively on cropping.

This is about as simple as a program can be when dealing with photo editing. The generous screen is dominated by the open space for your photos. At the top is a surprisingly short list of commands. Users are given opportunities to select a photo, quick crop, manually crop, select a background, save, and print. Below this are smaller icons dedicated to rotating the picture and zooming.

Most inexperienced photo croppers will want to use the Quick Crop option. After selecting a photo, users can roughly outline the item they want removed from the picture, and a dotted line instantly appears around the selection. From here users can take this image and let it stand alone or select a new background for it.

Photo Crop Editor is an incredibly simple way to perform the act of cropping out a picture and dropping it into another. It has no frills or extras, so if you're looking for all the bells and whistles that other image-editing tools offer, this isn't the program for you. For users who want a simple tool to perform a simple editing function, Photo Crop Editor fits the bill nicely.

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