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Don't pay the price for this faulty life management tool, which is designed to be used by multiple users but will scare many away with its cluttered interface.

MSD Organizer Multiuser could be the ultimate life management tool, as it comes with tools to create a calendar, budget, and even manage music files. With so many offerings, we might have forgiven the cluttered interface, but a glitch that caused our computer to crash wasn't as easily dismissed.

The user interface is very busy, but before we time to even try and getting our bearings, we were annoyed by a barrage of preset reminders. We also had to spend time learning how to navigate and position the clock and reminder windows. Adding new tasks to the calendar was very easy, though, thanks to the wizard-like window that walked you through the creation process. Setting an alarm proved to be a little more tedious thanks in large part to the cluttered interface. But we eventually set an alarm for our task and were alerted at our specified time. When we moved on to the music feature, we tried to import music files from a separate file, but as soon as we clicked the OK button, our computer crashed and required a reboot. A second try produced the same result.

The program includes a Help menu, but had no advice for our issues with the music features. Aside from the computer crashes, our biggest complaint with this program was its organization. Tucking away some of the options and features, or adding more wizards to help the user perform all tasks would be a huge benefit. There's a fairly hefty price tag for this program, which is designed for multiple users, but considering the issues we had, MSD Organizer Multiuser doesn't merit the cost.

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