Shady program isn't free

Avoid this shady and error-prone program at all costs.

MB Nakshatra is yet another program from this publisher that claims to be free, but is not. It claims to calculate your birth star or constellation that was present at your time of birth, but it only produced an error when we tested it.

The user interface is one overly packed window after another. We were greeted with a ridiculously cluttered window that begged us for a donation. Further inspection revealed that the program comes with a 30-day trial period, and isn't free as listed. We had to root through all the clutter just to find the continue button. From there, we had to enter our name, date and time of birth, time zone, and longitude and latitude of our birthplace. But after we entered our information, we received an error message and were unable to move any further with the program. Help is available through the publisher's Web site, but like its programs, its cluttered interface made it difficult to find any answers.

We have problems with a program that claims to be free, but isn't. That, coupled with the cluttered interface and error messages, prevents us from recommending this poorly designed program.

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