Program is not free

Proceed with caution with this not-so-free program that is supposed to help you apply the art of feng shui to your house.

Apparently, the publisher's of this program don't understand the meaning of the word free, because it's yet another program from these designers that claims to be free, but turns out to be a standard 30-day trial version. MB Flying Star Feng Shui calculates your house's proper feng shui locations.

The user interface is one overly packed window after another. We were greeted with a ridiculously cluttered window that begged us for a donation. Further inspection revealed that the program comes with a 30-day trial period, and isn't free as promised. We had to root through all the clutter just to find the continue button. From there, we were greeted with yet another cluttered window that required us to enter our name, date, and year our house was built, and select the input range of degree from a drop-down menu. As soon as we clicked the Plot button, another clutter window appeared with our feng shui numbers and descriptions of each.

Obviously, this kind of program is going to appeal to a specific user. But that being said, we have a hard time recommend a program that claims to be free, but in reality, is not.

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