Scheduling glitch

Avoid this faulty backup program.

SyncBackSE is another contender in the backup program category, but there's nothing here that you haven't already seen before, even in cheaper programs. We also found a few glitches with the program's scheduling feature.

The program uses a wizard-like approach to creating backup tasks. Using it, we were able to create a new backup task fairly easily. The program includes not only the ability to back up files, but also to synchronize, mirror, and group files together. A zip feature is available that allows you to backup your file into a ZIP file. All was well when we created our first backup file; that is, until we tried to create a backup schedule. When we clicked the button, we were asked to enter our Windows password, but as soon as we entered it, the program completely froze, locking our computer. We tried to end the program using our Task Manager, but only received an error message. We had to abruptly turn off our computer and restart it to end the program, our least favorite solution to computer issues.

SyncBackSE includes an index-style Help feature. Despite being able to successfully create a backup file, the glitch we encountered after entering our Windows password left us a little wary of using this program. We recommend that you skip this backup program in favor of a safer, more reliable one.

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