Full of errors

Don't pay for this faulty image encryption program.

ID Image Protector uses image encryption to protect important files and folders. However, not only did it produce numerous error messages, it also failed to include any kind of encryption options.

When we first installed the program, we came across an error message. Luckily, we were able to ignore it and move on to the user interface. At first glance, the program's user interface appeared well-designed and straightforward. The left side is for encrypting files and the right side for decrypting files. All we had to do was load the image that we wanted to use to encrypt our files. From there, we just had to add the files and enter our encryption key. But doing so produced another error message. Still, our files were successfully encrypted to the image. We were surprised to find that the program didn't include any options for what to do with the source files, such as deleting or leaving them. Also, the program didn't include any choice of encryption methods. Decrypting the files used practically the same steps, and also produced an error message.

The program's Help feature takes you to the publisher's Web site, but there was nothing to address any of the error messages that we received. We recommend that you skip this encryption program for one has more options and fewer problems.

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