Some features unavailable for view

Don't expect to access all of this program's features, thanks to a glitch.

Keyman Desktop Professional Edition allows users to change keyboard configurations to accommodate multiple languages. During our tests, we were able to type and edit our text in English, but we were unable to access the On Screen Keyboard and view our text in any other language.

During the initial setup, you're expected to install a keyboard based on a language of your choosing. We selected the BU keyboard, which was compatible with both English and French, among other languages. The main user interface resembles most text editing programs, so you'll feel right at home. The interface can be resized and moved around your desktop. The On Screen Keyboard feature appears as a small window and can also be moved around your desktop. According to the interface directions, we could type using our own keyboard or the On Screen Keyboard. However, we were never able to view the On Screen Keyboard. We went back and installed a second keyboard for the Chinese language, but again, we were unable to view the On Screen Keyboard.

Help for the Chinese keyboard was unavailable, and the program's own Help menu failed to address our problems. At the end of the day, we failed to see the benefits of this faulty program. We recommend that you keep looking for a fully functional keyboard input program.

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