Translation, please

Skip this program to speed up computer shutdown time, because you'll spend all that saved time trying to decipher this program's features and functionality.

Windows Shutdown Speed Up promises to give users the power to close down their computer much faster by altering its settings. Instead, we found a program that took too much time to try and understand.

This freeware presents itself with a simple-to-operate menu. It offers to evaluate your Window's shutdown settings, change your windows shutdown settings and return to default settings. These three simple cues make this program appear easy, but in reality its function is quite a mystery.

Checking your settings gives you a red X or a green check mark, but the descriptions are in such broken English it is difficult to know what you are doing right or wrong. Changing the settings proves equally concerning since selecting between two settings causes a warning menu to pop up saying, "As this program can't working in some computer." Once again, users might be baffled as to what this means.

Overall, we cannot recommend Windows Shutdown Speed Up because of the lack of clear communication between the designer and the user, as well as the baffling error messages. There are many programs aimed to speed up your system or help ease shut down, we recommend looking elsewhere before settling for this download.

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