Terrific system cleaner

Remove unwanted files clogging up your computer with this intuitive system optimizer.

SpeedItUp offers users a simple way to increase their computer's performance. This exciting program takes a lot of the guess work out of speed and memory, making a more streamlined operation for all involved.

This freeware appears as a small box with a bar chart featuring your computer's RAM that immediately draws attention. This tells you what percentage is being used currently. Below are four tabs aimed at relieving your system of the stress that slows computer performance down. The Speed It Up tab looks at Windows optimization, RAM Booster, Internet Cleanup, and Hard Disk Speed up. Turning this on will first give your RAM a spring cleaning and show how much it dealt with. Next the hard disk is given a scrub and results are shown as well. Finally, the Internet is shaken clean. These three options are run together, but can be turned on separately as well, represented by their own customizable tab.

SpeedItUp cleans out all the space that hurts your computer's performance. In doing so, it also provides a simple-to-operate program that practically any computer user will understand. This is a fantastic addition to any desktop, as everyone can appreciate a program that speeds up their world.

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