Quick virtual desktops

Create up to 32 virtual desktops and quickly navigate from one to the next with user-specified hotkeys.

There are many times when users wish they could have a secret desktop to hide things from wandering eyes. Sneaky Virtual Desktop offers a possible solution to users who need a quick place to cover their open documents.

This freeware embeds itself in the program tray as an inconspicuous black dot. Right clicking will give users a simple menu of options. Their desktops are numbered here (users can create up to 32), as well as options to create new desktops and delete old ones. There is also a simple settings menu that mostly lets users replace mouse clicking with hot keys to toggle between desktops quickly.

The program is quite simple to operate and will help users who have a need for security, especially in office or home settings where bosses and parents may be lurking. By clicking the hot key or selecting a new desktop, you are whisked to that appropriate spot and any Web site or document you had open is left behind. However, shifting back to the original desktop will let you pick up where you left off.

Sneaky Virtual Desktop is a great tool for anyone needing to cover their tracks, and it's simple enough for any user to master.

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