Convert image files

Convert your image files to a different format with this comprehensive tool that also adds photo editing features.

Digital photography is a fun hobby for many computer users. One of the great pleasures is tinkering with all the elements to create a perfect photo. 36-Image Converter offers all these tools, plus a unique way to convert your file types. Less experienced users will need to spend some time getting familiar with the numerous conversion options, but the basic photo editing tools are very easy to use.

This freeware program has a unique interface that doesn't attempt to mimic more successful programs. 32-Image Converter has a black interface with a sleek series of icons at the top. Each opens a small menu that gives you a wealth of control. One icon lets users to open pictures and save current work. The next icon is where its name comes from. Here you will find a choice of 36 file formats for saving your images. The other icons feature standard Paintbrush/Photoshop commands for cutting, moving, coloring, and applying effects to photographs.

The program works well as a photo alteration tool, functioning in a way that will be familiar to those who have done this type of work on other programs. Where 32-Image Converter is confusing is the manner it asks you to convert your picture into one of the many file forms. There are a series of check boxes that don't seem to affect how a picture is saved. A long look at the Help menu is recommended for anyone attempting to use this program other than for its photo altering capabilities, but the capability to edit and convert image files will appeal to nearly any digital photography enthusiast.

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