Edit photos easily

Edit your photos with this free tool that has more options than Paintbrush, but fewer than professional photo-editing tools.

2 Pic offers a simple program with options to give your digital photos many of the same effects as the pros. While it does offer more flexibility to edit pictures, it doesn't quite meet professional design standards.

This freeware may look familiar to users who have operated programs such as Paintbrush and Photoshop, but it does not exactly copy either. The biggest difference is 2 Pic's dueling screens. Two portrait-shaped spaces fill up the bulk of the interface, each with lists of icons down the sides for opening, saving, printing, and reversing work. At the bottom, a series of tabs offer different effects users can apply to the pictures.

2 Pic's dueling picture frames become instantly understandable when two separate digital photos are opened and the Merge tab is applied. This allows users to blend the two together in varying degrees. Other, more traditional, tabs include fading, color, digital effects, text boxes, and a few more.

We found 2 Pic to live in a realm partway between its two inspirations. The program allows for more complexity and flexibility than Paintbrush, but lacks the sophistication and professional capability of Photoshop. Overall, 2 Pic is a fine program, but it won't blow any graphic designers away. But if you are looking to have fun with your digital pictures and doctor them up, this is a fantastic download.

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