Effective feed reader

Get the latest headlines and other news with this intuitive feed reader.

News junkies can rejoice over Magnesium: RSS Ticker 7. This unique download allows Web surfers to keep an eye on the news while doing almost anything.

This program comes to users in the form of a classic news ticker, a scrolling line of information that never stops. This one appears at the bottom of a user's screen and stays on top of all open items. A small line of text scrolls from right to left and details some of the biggest headlines around the world. Users can roll their mouse over a headline to get a description of the story itself. This window stays up on the screen even as the news continues to roll. Double clicking the heading takes the reader to that Web site. In addition, there is a small control panel at the bottom right-hand side that allows users to rewind the scroll, pause it, and fast forward. This program is intuitive and simple to operate for all skill levels.

By left-clicking the feed and going into Settings users can choose from a large list of news services to draw feed from. The program's only limitation with the trial is that you can pull information from only three sources until Magnesium: RSS Ticker 7 is purchased. Regardless, this is a fantastic download for anyone interested in keeping in touch with the world around them.

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