Limited calendar program

Set easily customized alerts with this time-management program, but it's light on features compared with similar programs.

Keeping tabs on your time is important for most folks. G-Clock provides a new time and calendar management system for your desktop. The question is, do you really need its help?

This free trial embeds itself in your tray as a small hourglass and appears as a digital clock which tracks the time down to the second. A single click on the hourglass icon brings up a calendar of the month with today's date highlighted. Users can organize the calendar in different ways by right-clicking the hourglass.

The biggest option this program provides is its alarm system. The reminder can be easily set from the options menu and can even have a customized sound chimed to alert users. In addition, users can adjust the clock's color, transparency, and time. The calendar can also be customized here.

G-Clock performs its basic functions of time-telling and displaying a calendar just as one would expect, however, we didn't find a great need for the program. There are numerous programs available that offer more calendaring options and customizations. G-Clock functions essentially as the clock in Windows, but with an alarm system. A short search should produce a clock that offers more options and will be a better fit for most users than this download.

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