Save Flash files

Save Flash files with ease using this basic but effective tool.

If you've ever seen a Flash image online and wanted to capture it, your time has come. EZ Save Flash offers users an opportunity to save these simple moving images and recall them with ease.

This program focuses on the job at hand and offers virtually no display. There is a small floppy disk icon that appears on your Internet browser, but users do not even need it. Its interface is quite simple: by right-clicking on a Flash image a short list of options appears on screen. Users can play with the loop by speeding it up, rewinding, and more. In addition, users can adjust the quality of the picture or print it. But the most used feature is saving the image. Users save these Flash images just like they would any other file with the help of a file tree. After that, the image is saved as an .swf file.

EZ Save Flash operates very simply and effectively. If you have a need for saving Flash imagery, this is a great download for the job.

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