Numerous editing options

Edit and organize your photographs with this comprehensive program that could leave less experienced users overwhelmed.

ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 promises to be a program that bridges the gap between high-powered photo alteration software and online sharing programs. With a dizzying amount of options and sophistication, it may do all it promises but it could leave users overwhelmed.

This program opens up with an opportunity for users to take a virtual tour of the program and learn about all its features. This is an excellent place to start, because the ACDSee Photo Manager gets confusing in a hurry. This is not a bad thing, however. Users familiar with Photoshop's options will find everything from cropping and coloring tools to more advance masks and red-eye removers once a picture is selected. Users with photo editing experience will love the versatility of this program, but those without the basics will need a lot of experimenting before they get comfortable with all the icons and options.

Photo alteration is only half the story with ACDSee, which makes it unique. The other side of the program is a confusing collection of file trees, icons and options to save and categorize your photos. This will also require a long trip through the Help menu to sort out. However, once the knowledge is gained, users will enjoy a myriad of opportunities, even one that allows direct uploading to Flickr.

This program is a heavy-hitter, giving users unparalleled tools and flexibility, its only drawback is that newcomers to photo editing could be overwhelmed. Especially with the short 7-day trial that will even have more experienced users scrambling to test all this program offers. That said, experienced users looking for a way to edit and manage images should definitely check ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 out.

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