Simple notes program

Get all the basics with this free virtual notes program that is as easy to use as its paper counterpart.

You can handily organize your life (or at least keep the minutia of your life organized) with Two Notes, a free sticky note application.

Not unlike its paper cousin, Two Notes comes in a limited range of colors (just five). But with Two Notes, you can rest assured that these notes always stick where you put them and don't require you to decipher your hasty scribbles at a later time. You can pin them to your desktop and minimize them, too, which helps clear the clutter. The automatic date/time stamp is also a nice feature. You can sort your notes in a number of ways, including color or date, assign your notes to a wide range of categories; and select the styling you want to make that note your own. And with these notes, you can sleep contented knowing that no future archaeologist will unearth your virtual sticky to ponder the question: Did she, indeed, remember to purchase cat kibble on the way home from the office?

Two Notes is practical, dependable, somewhat customizable and always efficient. And the application is also priced just right--free! The only frustrating thing about Two Notes is its name: why Two Notes when you can make so many more?

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