All-in-one program succeeds

Store detailed contact information, create an ebook, and organize it all with this personal information manager.

TreedBNotes Pro is a personal information manager, database program, and word processor. TreedBNotes Pro also includes an alarm and reminder feature plus password protection and encryption capabilities. Still not impressed? TreedBNotes Pro's e-book feature helps you write that great American novel or training manual (that is, formatting the text, sharing or not with other readers, and creating a Table of Contents and fully searchable text; the creative writing part, well, TreedBNote Pro leaves that to aspiring Melvilles and Grishams).

TreedBNotes Pro sets itself apart from similar programs in the way it stores data in tree-like structures which lets users organize (and find!) complex information in an intuitive way. Each of the particular tree's substructures (called nodes) is actually a document such as a contact or a note or folder. With TreedBNotes Pro, one can have as many trees as your hard drive can accommodate. Another great feature of TreedBNotes Pro (other than the very nifty e-book feature) is its robust Contacts template, which gives users the opportunity to include all kinds of pertinent and not-so-pertinent information about the many people in one's life, including birthdays, children's names, Web sites, and photos. It's also easy to change the template background color, add a photo, an icon selected from a menu of icons, or with the capability to include a note or two about that particular person (for example: "Nancy collects antique watering cans and is allergic to carrots"). You can create lists of contacts and quickly send them all a file created in the program's word processor.

Although quite easy to use overall, novice users may find it initially overwhelming. That said, TreedBNotes Pro offers a 30-day trial that is long enough for you to determine just how useful this program's many features are to you.

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