Detailed stock data

Get detailed stock data and endlessly analyze with this program's comprehensive stock charts.

Stock Chart Wizard is aptly named--with this tool you can create, tweak, analyze, and export a range of graphical stock charts. Stock Chart Wizard lets you build watch lists of your favorite stocks, and see the ups and downs of your stocks over time by downloading two years' worth of freely available historical data into your charts. Another real plus with Stock Chart Wizard is the capability to export charts into Excel and other formats for presentations.

Stock Chart Wizard's interface is all business. Here you will find no amusing skins, cheerful paperclips asking to help, or holiday-themed graphics. But what Stock Chart Wizard does offer is the capability to build line charts (High-Low-Close, Closing Price Line, and Candlestick) in a matter of seconds. With as little effort you can display Simple Moving Averages or Exponential Moving Averages. You can also view up to six indicators in your watch list (that is, if you are fortunate enough to have the bells and whistles of a large, high-resolution monitor. For the rest of us, we can happily watch three indicators.)

The 14-day trial period is on the short side, but still should be long enough for most to see if this business-like application is right for you. For most stock enthusiasts, the features and price seem just right for Stock Chart Wizard.

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