Exceptional file management

Modify file names in one fell swoop with this handy program.

File Renamer Turbo offers users fast and easy file management. Even with a 75-file trial limitation, we got a very clear picture of this program's excellent file naming capabilities.

The user interface is so straightforward, even the most novice user will have no problems jumping right in. The large and colorful command buttons lead your eye in the right direction. We clicked the Add Files button and easily browsed for the files we wanted rename. Adding filters was a piece of cake: all we had to do was select the filter from a menu. We had two menu options--basic and advanced. We were able find and replace text, remove spaces, and even change the date and time properties. As soon as we clicked the Rename button, all of our file name changes went into effect. The program also lets you to filter profiles so that you can quickly apply them without having to configure filters every time.

File Renamer Turbo offers a useful Help menu, although most won't need to use it. Even with the 75-file trial limitation, you'll get a good feel for this application's capabilities. We highly recommend it for any user looking for a better way to rename and alter multiple files at one time.

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