Poor performance

Save yourself precious time by skipping this faulty backup program.

Instead of backing up to an internal or external device, this program backs up important files and folders to an online storage facility. But thanks to a trial limitation and a painfully long backup process, we were left unimpressed by its performance.

Allmydata requires that you create an account to access your backed up files online. The user interface is plain, but pretty self-explanatory. A tree menu lets you check off the folders you wish to include in the backup process. For our tests, we selected to back up our Documents files. Using the Status tab we were able to watch the status of the backup session. However, a visit to the Activity Log tab revealed that despite waiting a considerable amount of time, the program was unable to successfully back up any of our files, despite them not having reached the program's 1GB trial limitation. The program does include a feature that allows you to schedule daily backups, but we couldn't imagine going through this program's long process of backing up files on a daily basis, especially considering the less than impressive results.

Help is available through the publisher's Web site as an FAQ and a support forum. But we recommend you save yourself the time and trouble, and look for a more efficient and reliable backup program.

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