Constant nag screen

Don't bother spending time trying to figure out this program's vague offerings.

Connection Meter uses its tiny, unobtrusive user interface to give you quick, at-a-glance system usage information. We were a little perturbed to find that some of its features were unavailable with the unregistered version, and we could have done without the constant timed nag screens.

Novice users might be a little overwhelmed by some of the initial configurations, but if you stick with the default settings, you're probably good to go. The program installs a taskbar icon, and a tiny, movable window appears in the far right corner that gives you a live account of your CPU usage, connection speed, and any unsent SMS. Right-clicking on either the taskbar icon or floating window brings up a lengthy configuration menu. We were a little confused with some of the extra utilities that the program includes. Some of them were unavailable and others were vague. But no matter what we clicked on, a nag screen appeared that required us to wait a few seconds before we could close it. Connection Meter's biggest problem is the lack of a Help file. Maybe with a tutorial or step-by-step guide users would at least have some chance of understanding the features and functionality available in the demo version. As it is, most won't have the time or inclination to uncover the program's benefits on their own.

Despite the at-a-glance usage information Connection Meter offers, this program's offerings were a little too vague to be of any value. And without a help feature to offer an explanation, there's nothing here to recommend.

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