Smart start-up manager

Manage your PC's start-up program to improve performance.

Your PC's performance tends to slow down thanks to programs that insist on running during start-up. Arrange Startup gives you control over those programs so that you can pick and choose the programs you want to run, so you can speed up your performance.

The user interface is bright and colorful, but also very easy to navigate. Action options are housed on the left side of the interface. From there, you can opt to open folders, launch software, delete programs from start-up, and add and undo programs. Our start-up program immediately appeared as soon as we launched the program. Programs are broken down into user and system applications. As we clicked on an application, its details, including its name and location on our PC, appeared at the bottom of the window. Using the Action options, we were able to select the programs that we wanted to delete from start-up. Adding new programs to start-up was as simple as browsing and selecting the application. Our PC was noticeably faster when we booted it up at a later time.

Arrange Startup does include a built-in Help menu, but most won't need to use it. It also includes a link that takes you to a Google search featuring other programs that could pose a potential threat to your PC's performance. This freeware tool is great to have on hand to manage your start-up programs, and we highly recommend it.

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