Poorly executed

Skip this unintuitive, poorly designed program launcher.

8Start Launcher claims to be a program launching tool that alleviates desktop clutter. However, thanks to its lack of intuitiveness, we'd rather stick to launching programs the old-fashioned way.

Once activated, the program appears as a tiny, transparent black screen in the far left-hand corner of your desktop. The interface is skinnable, but you can't move it around your desktop. Our hard disk information was displayed in the window, but we had to squint to see the tiny text size. Not knowing where to go next, we paid a visit to the Settings menu, which only led to more confusion. The fill-in-the-blank-style menu offered no guidance whatsoever. The Organize Button option opened a window that suffered from way too many colors, text, and shapes being shoved into one window. The interface tries to use a step-by-step approach to guide you through the process of adding program buttons, but the concept fell flat. Even after hovering our mouse over each of the nondescript buttons, we were at a loss as to what to do next, and there simply wasn't enough onscreen information to guide us.

The program does not include a Help feature of any kind, so you're on your own with 8Start Launcher. While you can get this program for free, the time you spend trying to understand its unintuitive design and operation makes this application's price too high.

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