Quickly adjust brightness

Adjust the brightness of your screen with this easily accessed tool that offers nothing more than this single function.

Adjusting your computer's brightness just got a lot easier. Desktop Lighter offers users a way to quickly and easily adjust how brilliant their screen appears. The only concern is whether the majority of users will find a need for it.

This freeware program hides itself in the tray until you decide your computer needs an adjustment. Clicking on the program's icon brings up a simple purple and pink screen. So simple, in fact, the only variable on this control is a slider that moves up and down. As you click and drag this bar, a small window pops up to tell the user what percentage the display's brightness is at. Users need only to let go of the mouse button to maintain a selected level of brightness. There are a few added features to this easy-to-use program. One is a hot-keys option that allows you to adjust the settings with the keyboard; another is a way to make the display larger.

Desktop Lighter is a fantastic option for those looking to quickly adjust their screen. This tray icon saves users the hassle of searching through their computer's control panel to make the adjustment, especially if they find themselves making constant changes. If you aren't one of these people, though, you may not need this application. We recommend this download to anyone who needs to adjust display brightness.

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