Advanced file grabber

Grab images and other files from the Web with this comprehensive but complex tool.

Aaron's WebVacuum promises to help users capture all of the pictures and other files they can handle from their favorite Web sites. This unique program could be a huge help to many, but runs the risk of being overly complicated.

The compact interface is densely packed with tabs, buttons, and check boxes, and may overwhelm novice users. Fortunately, a brief tutorial pops up to explain the program's purpose and how to get quickly started, which is very helpful. Like a browser, there's a field for the URL of the page you want to pull from. Below that are a series of buttons and check boxes that won't instantly make sense to casual users.

Users simply type in a URL and instantly a list of all the pictures from that site appears. You can cycle through the shots and double click to open a larger version in a separate window that can be saved as a jpg. This is a very cool feature that most will find easy to use, but it is only a taste of the options available from Aaron's WebVacuum. There are boxes for starting queues, as well as options for starting, stopping, and digging into layers of a Web site, all of which are given no definition. These options are completely unusable without a trip to the tutorial section, and, even then, less experienced users might not fully grasp every setting.

Overall, we found this to be a unique download with value for certain users, but it's marred by being slightly over complicated. Experienced users looking for a way to quickly grab images and other files will appreciate Aaron's WebVacuum's comprehensive approach.

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