Effective start-up manager

Manage start-up programs with this user-friendly app that caters to both the novice and the experienced user.

Chameleon Startup Manager offers users a chance to monitor and tinker with the programs set to launch at Windows bootup. With easy and advanced versions on offer, Chameleon Startup Manager may be a great choice for practically any user.

A simple interface shows all the programs in the start-up menu and their icons, if applicable. In addition, a bold red X or a blue check mark indicates whether or not an item is currently running. Above this, a list of icons allows users to remove and start programs, as well as adjust the settings of each individual item. Here you can choose to have the program start after a number of cues.

The most interesting icon on the menu is the toggle between the Beginner version and the Expert version. Things are kept simple for the less experienced, while the Expert view allows experienced users to have more control over the programs. This synthesis is an incredibly simple move that makes you wonder why more downloads don't offer something similar.

Chameleon Startup Manager offers users a great amount of choices. Anyone interested in streamlining a computer should get this download, thanks in part to its capability to cater to both beginners and experts.

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