Customized disk menus

Customize autorun menus with this serious tool aimed at the experienced user.

AutoPlay Menu Studio is a very handy program to help users create menus and options to embed onto CDs. With a variety of options, more-advanced users may have to pick their tongues off the floor, but novices may be overwhelmed.

This program will look instantly familiar to user with a basic knowledge of programs like Photoshop or Quark X-Press. With rulers at the top and side and a scatter of icons along the top, users are given free reign to customize their projects. The choice of menus is very impressive. Everything from a standard DVD menu to business card formats that can have URLs embedded into links are on offer, with enough options to meet the needs of both business and personal users. A fairly simple tree of buttons and settings appears to the left of each option. Users can go into each and change colors, fonts, and practically everything to their liking. You can quickly insert commands to print, run a program, or go to a Web site.

The only drawback of AutoPlay Menu Studio is its sweeping flexibility. Users with basic HTML skills who are comfortable with design software basics will find this to be a fantastic program. Those who lack both could face a steep learning curve. This is a serious tool aimed at users who often need to customize a professional-looking menu for presentations or training disks. The price will weed out casual users, and novices in general should stay away, but this impressive download is a good toolbox addition for those with design experience.

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