Flawed mapping system

Skip this mapping system tool, which had frequent stability issues, a poor design, and inadequate user guidance.

Arceyes Superget is touted as an advanced mapping system that utilizes Google's already stellar maps functionality, and it has a price tag to match its lofty claims. In reality, the developers of this download have not put in the necessary work for this program to function, and Arceyes is a mess.

We got off to a bad start with a series of program crashes before we even saw the interface. Once we OK'd several of these messages, the primary screen opened and simply asked us to input longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. A test proved to cause more error messages but eventually gave us a readout of coordinates. Only sea captains and other experts will know how to follow the information. No actual map was displayed and the program's interface was confusing with its thin collection of commands and lack of user guidance.

The list of frustrations with this program is long. Much of the text in the error messages and the program interface appears as a random collections of letters, or two different layers of type sandwiched on top of one another.

We cannot recommend Arceyes Superget primarily because of the frequent stability issues we encountered, but even when it did work, its lack of direction and terrible interface left a great deal to be desired.

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