Desktop to-do lists

Create to-do lists with this user-friendly tool, but don't expect much more than this basic functionality.

There are as many tools to help you organize your life as there are days in a year, which makes it hard to stand out. Swift To-Do List is easy to use, but its basic features keep it firmly in the middle of the pack.

This program offers a simple interface that most users should find intuitive from the beginning. With large, colorful icons and a tree displaying the various tasks that need to be performed, the display is easily interpreted. This basic, yet functional interface serves well in creating a new task. Users can title, schedule, and even add attachments to their item. You can organize tasks by assigning one of several dozen icons to them, from martini glasses to soccer balls to pencils. While Swift To-Do List is incredibly simple to operate, that does not mean it is without its problems. The largest oversight is the lack of a calendar. You can assign a limited range of priorities to tasks, and insert a due date, but you cannot organize tasks by day. You also have to make sure you delete completed lists or built-up clutter could quickly become a problem. For those who want to save this information, there's an export feature, but you have to take the time to perform this action.

Swift To-Do List did everything it promised to do, but in the end it failed to deliver anything new or better than other programs that include even more features and functionality. We recommend looking for a more complete program before settling for this one.

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